• Relationship Counseling

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    Relationship Counseling for Individuals

    RAD Counseling Center offers individual counseling, couples counseling, and divorce counseling. Below is an outline of our services for individuals wanting to work on relationship-related issues, listed as common topics that are typically discussed during one or more stages of the counseling process.
    • Improving Your Current Relationships
    • Jumping Back into the Dating Pool
    • Breaking Codependent Patterns
    • Recovering from Love, Sex, and Relationship Addiction

    Improving Your Current Relationships

    Relationships can be challenging. Whether your partner isn’t interested in coming to counseling or you would just prefer to come on your own, relationship counseling for individuals can help you to strengthen your communication skills, resolve conflicts, enhance emotional and/or physical intimacy, and rebuild broken trust.

    Jumping Back into the Dating Pool

    Before you dip your toe into the dating pool again, it is essential that you process what went wrong in your previous relationship. Processing the past will help you avoid repeating habits or behaviors that no longer serve you. From exploring how to choose a quality partner to learning effective communications skills, counseling will give you the tools to begin dating again with confidence.

    Breaking Codependent Patterns

    Codependency is a type of imbalanced relationship pattern where one person has an unhealthy reliance on the other person, and the other person needs to be needed. Codependency can impact all types of relationships, including those with spouses, partners, friends, or family members. Counseling can help you to break codependency patterns by helping you to rebuild your sense of self and set healthy boundaries.

    Recovering from Love, Sex, and Relationship Addiction

    Love, sex, and relationship addiction are driven by a desire for one to escape from emotional discomfort, such as anxiety, depression, shame, and loneliness. Counseling can help you to recover from these addictions by helping you to work through past traumas and unresolved issues, improve your self-worth, and engage in healthy emotional and physical intimacy.