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    Both inside and out of the counseling office, Linda Murphy, founder of the Relationship and Divorce Counseling Center, provides support to individuals and couples struggling with mental health and/or relationship-related issues. Check out some of Linda’s recent interviews.

    Linda Murphy DIY'ing Your Office Space: Grow a Group Practice Podcast

    Linda Murphy was recently interviewed by entrepreneur Alison Pigeon, LPC on her podcast, “Practice of the Practice: Grow a Group Practice Podcast.” On this podcast, Linda shared with Alison some tips, tricks, and lessons she learned throughout the process of designing the Relationship and Divorce Counseling Center’s office suite.

    How to Split a Toaster: A Divorce Podcast about Saving Your Relationships

    Linda Murphy was interviewed by Tampa based lawyer, Seth Nelson, and co-host Pete Wright about the work she does to help individuals and couples through divorce.

    When should you start counseling? What signs are you watching that you might be able to save the marriage with a little help? How do you know it’s over? Linda’s experience working with couples gives her a perspective on divorce that is optimistic, not dedicating to saving marriages, but navigating conflict in a way that might just help you illuminate a new path in your own relationship.

    A Mental Health Break Podcast

    On March 20, 2020, Vincent A. Lanci interviewed Linda Murphy, LMHC to learn more about relationship counseling and its impact on an individuals overall mental health. Listen to learn about why Linda became a counselor, her specialization, and 3 tips for improving your overall mental health.

    Selling the Couch

    On March 28, 2019, Linda Murphy was a featured guest on Melvin Varghese’s podcast “Selling the Couch.” This podcast “helps mental health providers build and grow their counseling private practices.” In this episode, Melvin asked successful private practice owners to share their great ideas and tips for getting more referrals. If you’d like to hear Linda’s tip, it can be found at minute 25:25.