• Couples Counseling

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    Counseling for Couples

    RAD Counseling Center offers individual counseling, couples counseling, and divorce counseling. Below is an outline of our services for couples, listed as common topics that are typically discussed during one or more stages of the counseling process.

    • Improve Conflict Management Skills
    • Resolve Arguments
    • Enhance Emotional and Physical Intimacy
    • Reconnect and Begin Dreaming Together Again
    • Rebuild Trust
    • Parenting Support

    Improve Conflict Management Skills

    All couples have disagreements. It is inevitable that when two people combine their lives, there will be things that they disagree about. Couples counseling can help you to identify ways in which you and your partner may be sabotaging your ability to resolve the issues in your relationship.




    Resolve Arguments

    Do you and your partner find yourself arguing about the same topics and never finding a resolution?  Or maybe you find that your arguments never fully addresses the issue in your relationship.  This is not uncommon.  Couples counseling can help you and your partner to understand what is causing these issues to reappear and help you to learn new ways of addressing them.


    Enhance Emotional and Physical Intimacy

    Many couples come to counseling wanting to reconnect emotionally and physically with each other.  Whether you have grown apart, experienced betrayal, life stressors have gotten in the way, or you are struggling to communicate, couples counseling can help you to reconnect emotionally and physically with your partner.



    Reconnect and Begin Dreaming Together Again

    Have you changed?  Has your partner changed?  Do you ever feel like you just don’t know each other anymore?  It is not uncommon for couples to feel disconnected from one another.  Luckily, there is something you can do about it.  Counseling can give you the tools to reconnect with one another and begin to dream together again about your future.



    Rebuild Trust

    If you have been betrayed, you may be questioning whether or not you can still trust your partner.  Rebuilding trust takes time, but it also takes effort.  Counseling can help your partner to learn what he or she can do to rebuild the trust in your relationship.



    Parenting Support

    Parenthood is challenging, especially if you and your partner’s parenting styles seem to clash. Couples counseling can help you to learn more about each of your parenting styles in order to gain a greater understanding of what motivates each of your parenting decisions. With this knowledge, couples learn to compromise by incorporating the best of both parenting styles into their child rearing decisions.