• Divorce Counseling for Couples

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    Divorce Counseling for Couples

    RAD Counseling Center offers divorce counseling for both individuals and couples. Below is an outline of our services for couples, listed as common topics that are typically discussed during one or more stages of the counseling process.

    • Deciding to Stay or Go
    • Healthy Separations
    • Co-Parenting Support

    Deciding to Stay or Go

    Are you confused as to whether you want to leave or remain in your relationship? This is often a subject that is not easily discussed with family and friends. You may not want them to know the intimate details of your relationship, or you may find that your loved ones are unable to provide unbiased opinions. In couples counseling, you can discuss your relationship and explore your options in a safe and empathetic setting.

    Healthy Separations

    A separation does not mean that you cannot remain friends with your partner. Participating in couples counseling can help the both of you move past fear, anger and disappointment as you learn how to uncouple in a productive and graceful way. It also allows you to co-parent more effectively and keeps the children “out of the middle.” A healthy approach to separating can benefit couples as they adjust to their new status.

    Co-Parenting Support

    The number one concern for clients with families is often how a divorce or breakup will impact their children. Counseling can help you decide the best way to approach difficult conversations, such as telling your children that you are separating. Adjusting to co-parenting or to being a single parent becomes easier with the guidance of an experienced counselor.